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What is our project?

We are NOT financing wells, but the know-how transfer of a niche solution to Benin which has been successfully deployed in Congo by Africans.

In Spring 2015, the first pilot project has been applied with the aid of two Congolese experts. Because of this "south-south" transmission of knowledge we enabled the production of drilling

devices and pumps without any further external aid and without specific imports. This was followed by a training of well builders in order to execute drillings respectively and to erect the pumps accordingly.

Our partner in Benin is MIFON, a NGO and co-operative structure on a national level. MIFON understands to convince all parties involved of a win/win relationship and conveys the vision of a autonomous development.

The technological and economical interplay

which is fully adapted to the local conditions

enables not only the autonomous access to clean water but also the creation of local businesses.

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