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What is BonAgera?

BonAgera is a non-profit organisation, based in Munich, Germany, which helps supporting an autonomous and sustainable development in Africa. 


With our mainly social approach we enable access to technologically and economically suitable processes. We in particular focus on co-operative structured women and community groups.

We follow the guiding principles of Social-Ecological Market Economy and Social Business. We enable access to capacity building with adaptable approaches and techniques in order to circumvent the vicious circle of poverty and to enable humans to live and survive in their home country in honour and dignity.

Our main project is currently in Benin. Out there, we have committed ourselves to the necessary sustainbility of the independet clean drinking water supply and in creating local jobs.

BonAgera is funded by donations, which we invest in our projects. After recieving the donation in our account you will receive a confirmation donation receipt.

In our blog you have the opportunity to follow our work as well as be kept informed about our successes and our project phases.

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