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About us

Founding member

Dr. Heike Blanche Piper 

Dr Heike Blanche Piper

Heike, listed among the "top physicians" as head physician in Munich, is specialised in modern therapy forms including Biologica, Immune adsorption and Multimodal rheumatological complex treatments. She spent her youth in France and Camerun and is currently living in Munich.

Christina Haverkamp

Christina, sports scientist, is founder and CEO of Yanomami-Hilfe e.V. For over 20 years, she has been fighting for the rights of the Yanomami Indians living in Brazil and Venezuela.

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Silke Sabine Thies, Dipl.agr.Sc.arg.

Silke is specialised on the biological and botanical cleansing of waters and lives in southern France.

Dr. Arne Enno Thies, ing.

Dr. Arne Enno Thies, ing.

He had been working in Africa and Asia as an independent advisor and evaluator for 25 years. He was born in France and grew up in Camerun and studied in Göttingen, Kiel and Ghana. Today, Arne lives in south of France.

Dr. Boris A. Mariacher

Boris, currently living in Munich, is running his own successful law firm "Mariacher Rechtsanwälte" and is specialised on Mainstream Corporate, Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A), Employment law as well as Private Equity and Venture Capital.
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Vicky Bokengo

Vicky has a master degree in Foreign Languages studies and Foreign Economics and has expert knowledge in the allocation of micro credits to women in collaboration with the Grameen Bank in Camerun. She lives in Munich.

Gabriele Schwarz

Gabriele has a master degree in International Politics and is founder and CEO of the charity organisation Bonergie in Senegal. She, living in Munich, is specialised on Social Business focussing on solar power and micro credits in Africa.

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Marie-Félicienne Yavo

Though not being a founding member of Bonagera, she is a member entitled to vote and is a business consultant and has expert knowledge in the set-up and leading of associations. She administers the NGO MIFON and has, with her negotiation skills, contributed to the fact that the BonAgera projects have been followed from the local community as well as from the institutional structures of the country with great interest and benevolence.

Unterstützende Mitglieder

Emery Bilolo

Emery is the second Congolese instructor, who, together with Sylvain, led the first project phase in Benin to a huge success in spring 2015). Originally coming from a welder background, Emery, next to the well drilling technique, was also involved with the local manufacturing of drilling tools and rope pumps. He will also play a key role in the set-up of an official certification process.

Pastor Ernest Oueounou

Thanks to his national network, Rev. Ernest enabled a quick access to the rural and women communities who were willing to participate in the project. He was also able to approach well building candidate who received training in the first project phase and used this as a chance for a future profession. Besides Rev. Ernest is co-founder and president of the local partner organisation NGO MIFON.

Olivier Gbetin

Olivier is a "media specialist" and cinematographer. He showed his skills in short movies during the first project phase.

Sylvain Matala

Since 2006, Sylvain, one of the best well builders/training instructors in Congo, together with his colleague Emery Bilolo, have used and even improved the manual well drilling technique which was introduced by Hartmut Heuser, engineer. With a huge success, Sylvain and Emery both have implemented the first project phase in Benin by the use of the "South-South know how transfer".

Arne Paul

Arne is currently doing his Bachelor in Social Work at the Catholic University of Applied Sciences in Cologne, Germany, and is responsible for this website. He is also managing our crowdfunding project.

Dr. Wilhelm Windhorst 

He is a graduate engineer in Agriculture and did his PhD in rural water economics. Since 2012, he has been leading the School of Sustainability at the University of Kiel, together with Prof. Christoph Corves. His scientific research focuses on the sustainable shaping of human-environment interactions. The communication of integrative and locally adapted management strategies is essential to his doctrine. He will evaluate and follow the project together with some of his students from a scientific perspective.

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